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Looppanel raises $1M to streamline the future of user research
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Looppanel raises $1M to streamline the future of user research

Looppanel raises $1M to streamline the future of user research

Kritika Oberoi
March 17, 2022

Back in 2014, Mixpanel’s founder used a pitch deck to raise $65 million at a valuation of $865 million. It opened with the statement: “Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will either be lucky or wrong.”

Looppanel solving this problem
Source: Mixpanel Blog Post

Since 2014, Mixpanel and others have changed the way we run product analytics. We now know down to every last click what our customers are doing on our products. Where do they drop off on an onboarding flow? What features are they using most?

Importantly, we’re still guessing as to ‘why’.

80% of product features built today are rarely or never used

Teams are building products without vetting their assumptions and solutions with users, creating a feature factory that doesn’t meet user needs. Looppanel closes the gap between your team and your users—it allows teams to set up and conduct user interviews, uncover pain points & competitor insights, and align on the right product decision.

Looppanel plugs into the conference tools teams already use today—Zoom and Meets—and gets you from conversation to actionable, shareable insight in minutes. All your user call data lives in one place—notes, transcripts, video recordings—and is tied to the questions you set out to answer.

We’re building for User Research what Canva built for design—the fastest, simplest way for PMs, Designers, and User Researchers to understand the missing ‘why’ of user behavior.

"It was clear that [Looppanel] was one of the first tools made for doing true qualitative research for B2B. It was very easy to get my team on board with using it and it was ultimately a game changer for us in terms of being able to pull information out of our research calls. I would highly recommend it to any research team in need of speeding up their analysis processes." —Austin Brown, UX Research Team Lead at PandaDoc

Announcing our pre-seed funding

Looppanel is funded by marquee investors known for backing iconic global products—Sequoia Spark, Speciale Invest, First Cheque and Bharat Founders Fund. The funds raised will be used to grow our team, bringing in key talent that will help us reimagine the future of product development.

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