The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Your Users for Interviews & Usability Tests

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Jan 27, 2022

Hello, wary builder! 👷

One of the most frequently asked questions I get at Loop is — how do I set up user interviews with my own customers? Response rates are low, no show rates are astronomical — and really we’re all struggling to get those calls set up before the end of a sprint.

After much iteration on my own methods, co-solutioning with teams like InVideo and advice from industry experts like Nathan Lippi, I’ve come up with the ultimate guide to help you find and recruit existing users of your product for user interviews & usability tests.

Don’t worry —this isn’t a high-level, 30,000 ft view. This is a deep-in-the-weeds, play-by-play of all the things you need to know to get those calls set up & get user insights to your team in days (not weeks!).

Ready? Let’s jump in 🚀

👫 Step 1: Align on the Audience
📝 Step 2: Make an Outreach List (and check it twice!)
✉️ Step 3: Decide on Your Outreach Channel
🎛️ Step 4: Set Up the Campaign
⏰ Step 5: Reminders
🧹 Step 6: After the Call

Have any tips, tricks, or feedback to add to this guide? Email me at to share your learnings with teams all across the globe 🌎


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