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What are the top priorities of Design Leaders around the globe? What do they think about User Research? How do they solve the biggest challenges on their plate?
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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Looppanel’s Design Leaders 2023 Report!

We interviewed 7 Design Leaders with greatly acclaimed design practices and teams worldwide, to know what their work is like.

In the report, we share our learnings on:
- Top priorities Design Leaders focus on
- How Design Leaders think about UX Research
- Biggest challenges design teams face with research and potential solutions to these challenges 

To dig into all the details, download the Design Leaders report now!

We interviewed 7 design leaders with greatly acclaimed design practices and teams, to learn more about their priorities and challenges. Here’s what we learnt:

1. What are the top priorities design leaders focus on?
2. How do design leaders think about UX Research in their practices?
3. What are the challenges design teams face regarding research? What are potential solutions for these?

Get a copy of the report today for expert insights on user experience, product design and more, from leading design leaders and professionals worldwide.

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