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Top Upcoming UX Research Conferences to attend in 2023

Top Upcoming UX Research Conferences to attend in 2023

Satvik Soni
September 4, 2023
Date Conference Location Ticket Price
Spetember 13, 2023 The UX Conf 2023 London, UK | Online £29 onwards
September 13-14, 2023 ‍UXCon Vienna Vienna, Austria | Online ~€190 onwards
September 19, 2023 Disco Conf 2023 by Maze Virtual only Free
September 27-28, 2023 Design Matters 2023 Copenhagen, Denmark | Online DKK 2500 onwards
October 5–6, 2023 Hatch Conference Berlin, Germany Invite-only
October 10-12, 2023 World Usability Congress Graz, Austria ~€480 onwards

If 6 months’ worth of learning and networking could be condensed into two days, would you do it?

UX research conferences give you this exact opportunity!

You get to meet inspiring people doing great work.

You realize how much there’s still for you to learn.

You find new opportunities you would have missed out on otherwise.

Through this article, we hope to provide you with an ever-evolving list of the best UX Research conferences you can attend in 2023. All the ticket prices here are in USD for consistency. Some prices may fluctuate a little due to conversion rates between the original currency and USD.

We will keep updating this article as new conferences open up.

If we’ve missed a UXR conference, please let us know and we’ll add it here.

1. The UX Conf 2023

When: September 13, 2023

Where: London, UK | Online

Tickets: £29 onwards

Reviews from https://theuxconf.com

Whether you're a seasoned UX professional or just starting your journey, the UXR Conf offers something for everyone. The 7th edition of this UX design conference will feature a diverse team of speakers from the most cutting-edge UX teams in the world - Meta, Hotjar, Sony, Useberry, Hubspotn and more!

Most excitingly, no slide shows! Instead of theoretical talks the speakers this year will show how they use UX & UI design tools — from Notion to AR builder.

Their early bird tickets are already sold out - we recommend grabbing the in-person tickets as soon as you can.

2. UXCon Vienna

When: September 13 and 14, 2023

Where: Vienna, Austria | Virtual Available

Tickets: ~$712 (pre-sale)

UXCon Vienna was started to act as a professional and cultural bridge between the UX Communities of Europe and the USA. It is a two-day event featuring workshops, networking periods, presentations, and helpful post-event content pieces.

The conference will revolve around topics such as the impact of AI on the field of UX, the ethics and sustainability of UX Research, personal development as a UX professional, and improving the accessibility of UX. In the past, they’ve hosted product design leads from Netflix, senior researchers from Meta, and UX thought leaders.

We will provide updates on their speaker list here as soon as it is available.

3. Disco Conf 2023

When: September 19, 2023

Where: Virtual

Tickets: Free

Hosted by the product discovery platform MazeDisco Conference 2023 is a global conference for "anyone with a laptop" from anywhere, and completely free of cost to attend.

The virtual conference aims to explore the creative power of discovery, for anyone with a passion for products. The sessions promise to a thought-provoking series of conversations with experts on product discovery, ecosystem management, inclusive design & more.

Register for your free passes ASAP!

4. BeMore Festival 2023

When: September 20-21, 2023

Where: Virtual

Tickets: USD10

BeMore Festival 2023 is organised by ADPlist, the ultimate platform to meet mentors for free. This year's virtual session line-up promises to be a spectacular one, with promising an iconic 24-hour virtual conference with 80+ speakers from orgs like MIT, Miro, and Meta.

Early bird tickets are already sold out, but you can easily book an all-access one day pass for just USD10

Also if you're an ADPList mentor, you can claim a ticket for free!

We hope you have a blast at these UX Research conferences!

Before we say goodbye, we’d love to leave you with three tips on making the best of your time at a UX Research conference.

Tips for attending a UX Research Conference

1. Plan Ahead

Do not go into a conference hoping to attend every single keynote and every single panel discussion and every single networking lunch break - you’ll be overwhelmed immediately!

Take your time before the conference and decide where you’d want to spend most of your time. Do include adequate buffer time in your schedule. You don’t want to leave an interesting conversation midway in order to reach the next presentation on your schedule.

If you’re attending in person, wear shoes that won’t kill you as you run around the conference area.

2. Prepare an elevator pitch about you

It’s always useful to have a short introduction prepared beforehand. When you meet someone interesting or inspiring, it will be easier to talk if you get through the introduction quickly. Of course, knowing the daunting “about me” answer beforehand will help ease your nerves.

What do you do? Why are you attending the conference? What makes your work interesting?

3. Quantity over Quality

Aim to invest most of your time and effort building a few meaningful relationships instead of in collecting a series of unfortunately useless business cards. Meaningful professional relationships will benefit both of you for years to come. Business cards will sit on your desk for a while and then get trashed.

Of course, follow up with those you connect with. Conferences are a great way to meet people doing the things you’d like to do someday - put in some effort and don’t let these connections go cold.

Go out there. Conquer the UX Research world!


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