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Best UX Research Conferences to Attend in 2024
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Best UX Research Conferences to Attend in 2024

Best UX Research Conferences to Attend in 2024

Saviour Egbe
December 29, 2023
Date Conference Location Ticket Price
January 30–31, 2024 UX360 Research Summit 2024 Virtual $99 - $299
March 9, 2024 YouX 2024 by UserInterviews Virtual FREE
March 25-27, 2024 Advancing Research 2024 New York City, USA $795 onwards
April 15-17, 2024 UXInsight Festival 2024 Breda, The Netherlands | Virtual $166 onwards
May 16–17, 2024 UX360 EU Summit Berlin, Germany $731 - $941
June 12-13, 2024 Quant UXCon 2024 Virtual $35 onwards
May 15-17, 2024 UXDX USA 2024 New York, USA | Virtual $239 onwards

If 6 months’ worth of learning and networking could be condensed into two days, would you do it?

UX research conferences give you this exact opportunity!

You get to meet inspiring people doing great work.

You realize how much there’s still for you to learn.

You find new opportunities you would have missed out on otherwise.

Through this article, we hope to provide you with an ever-evolving list of the best UX Research conferences in 2024.

All the ticket prices here are in USD for consistency. Some prices may fluctuate a little due to conversion rates between the original currency and USD.

We will keep updating this article as new conferences open up.

If we’ve missed a UX conference, please let us know and we’ll add it here.

1. UX360 Research Summit2024

When: January 30–31, 2024
Where: Virtual
Ticket Price: $99 to $299

The UX360 Virtual Summit will host over 700 attendees and senior speakers from Meta, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and 30+ global brands. 

The 2024 edition will focus on the themes of GenAI, Co-Creation, Co-designing and Collaboration, Leadership, Research Ops, Inclusivity, Diversity & Accessibility, Strategic and Continuous Research, and Impact and Value of Research. 

Early Bird tickets are just 99 USD, but there are only 100 available. This ticket includes access to the virtual event platform, conference community, and on-demand content (after the event). Ticket pricing can go upto 299 USD, so don't wait to book if you plan on attending.

2. YouX 2024 by UserInterviews

When: March 19, 2024
Where: Virtual
Ticket Price: FREE

This is the second edition of the fully online YouX, a "research and insights event" organized for UX researchers by User Interviews. The speaker line-up look extremely exciting, filled with research leaders from Slack, Amazon, Maze and Figma, along with founders of leading research communities like Mind the Product and ResearchOps.

The half-day, one-track schedule means that you can attend all the sessions without missing anything, or exhausting yourself in the process. The panel discussions will cover AI, the "business value" of UX, scaling research practices, leveraging storytelling and the skillsets to bookmark according to experts.

Most importantly, it's completely free to attend. There's not a lot of networking opportunities involved, but plenty of learning abound! Save a spot here.

3. Advancing Research 2024

When: March 25-27, 2024
Where: New York City, USA
Ticket Price: $795 onwards

One of Rosenfield media’s meticulously curated UX events in New York, AR 2024 is a must-attend for UX researchers looking to future-proof their career. The sessions are designed for researchers by researchers, and brings together the best minds in the industry.

This year’s in-person conference will include two days of sessions with industry experts, followed by a day of workshops which you can choose from. The workshop options are showing a session by Steve Portigal on Interviewing Users, and another on Quantitative research methods. There’s more to come, so keep an eye on their page for updates!

The 2-day conference pass cost $1595 right now with early bird discounts, while the workshop tickets can be booked for $795.

4. UXInsight Festival 2024

When: April 15-17, 2024
Where: Breda, The Netherlands | Virtual
Tickets: $166 onwards

UXInsight 2024 is the 8th edition of one of the largest UX events in Europe, designed to help you meet peers and network best. Day 1 of the 3-day conference will host training sessions by leaders on Creative Interviewing, Stakeholder Management and setting UXR Goals for the new year. Day 2 and 3 will have single-track sessions on leading industry concerns, along with networking events and demos by sponsors.

This festival is uniquely beneficial for experienced UX researchers, and also offers an option for virtual attendance. Keep an eye on the official program release after January 30, and book passes at the early bird pricing ASAP.

The virtual attendee passes start at $166 (€150), while full conference access in-person currently costs $1051 (€950).

5. UX360 EU Summit

When: May 16–17, 2024
Where: Berlin, Germany
Tickets: $731 to $941

The UX360 EU Summit is the first, in-person edition of the UX360 conference series, which also has a virtual edition planned for January 2024 (See 1 on list). The EU Summit promises to be one of the most value-packed UX events in Europe, with sessions on the latest UX research and design - from planning and conducting, to analysis and the implementation of UX insights.

This year's summit will feature a lineup of world-class speakers from leading companies such as Google, SAP, and Delivery Hero. In this two-day event, you will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops and networking sessions with other UX professionals from around Europe.

Tickets for the UX360 EU Summit 2024 start at $731 for early bird tickets and go up to $941 at full pricing.

6. Quant UXCon 2024

When: June 12-13, 2024
Where: Virtual
Tickets: $35 onwards

How many international UX conferences are there dedicatedly solely to understanding quantitative research? Quant UX Con takes the lead, organized by a stalwart committee of senior UX research leaders and academics. The deadline for presentation proposals for the 2024 edition in June is January 26, 2024.

The conference is virtually held within 32 continuous hours with 120+ sessions to choose from. You can host/join a watch party of the event from this list worldwide. Recorded sessions are also available for those who register for the conference in advance.

Tickets start at $35, but the conference also offers free scholarship options for those who need it. Registrations will open only in spring 2024.

7. UXDX USA 2024

When: May 15-17, 2024
Where: New York, USA | Virtual
Tickets: $239 onwards

UXDX isn’t just for UX researchers, but promises to bring together and break down the barriers between teams in Product, Design and Developers. The conference will host a series of international speakers from leading companies worldwide, to share case studies on building scalable product teams.

UXDX offers a valuable opportunity for researchers who work with diverse teams, thanks to it’s singular focus on cross-functional collaboration. Previous attendees also attest to the exceptional calibre of the speakers UXDX hosts yearly.

Tickets start at $239 for the online edition, and go upto $3,459 for the complete in-person package. However, they also offer discounted options for students, freelancers and startups.


We hope you have a blast at these UX Research conferences!

Before we say goodbye, we'd love to leave you with three tips on making the best of your time at a UX Research conference.

Tips for attending a UX Research Conference

1. Plan Ahead

Do not go into a conference hoping to attend every single keynote and every single panel discussion and every single networking lunch break - you’ll be overwhelmed immediately!

Take your time before the conference and decide where you’d want to spend most of your time. Do include adequate buffer time in your schedule. You don’t want to leave an interesting conversation midway in order to reach the next presentation on your schedule.

If you’re attending in person, wear shoes that won’t kill you as you run around the conference area.

2. Prepare an elevator pitch about you

It’s always useful to have a short introduction prepared beforehand. When you meet someone interesting or inspiring, it will be easier to talk if you get through the introduction quickly. Of course, knowing the daunting “about me” answer beforehand will help ease your nerves.

What do you do? Why are you attending the conference? What makes your work interesting?

3. Quality over Quantity

Aim to invest most of your time and effort building a few meaningful relationships instead of in collecting a series of unfortunately useless business cards. Meaningful professional relationships will benefit both of you for years to come. Business cards will sit on your desk for a while and then get trashed.

Of course, follow up with those you connect with. Conferences are a great way to meet people doing the things you’d like to do someday - put in some effort and don’t let these connections go cold.

Go out there. Conquer the UX Research world!


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