How a medical device company analyzed interviews 10x faster

October 23, 2023

The Challenge

Tiana H works on an 11-member strong team at a medical device company. The team runs a lot of qualitative research studies: focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and prototype testing.

They are also used to working on extremely tight timelines. Rapid prototype testing takes just 2 weeks, from recruiting to end results.

To generate research results at this pace, the team was constantly dependent on having a live note-taker, to help extract the most relevant findings from each call.

Each study would require a moderator and a dedicated note-taker, who took copious shorthand notes in real time during interviews. The note-takers always tried to capture as much information as possible without errors. But the limitations were many.

  1. Scheduling challenges. Researchers had to ensure the availability of a note-taker for each call. It was a scheduling nightmare. Entire studies were delayed by weeks due to the logistics of it.
  1. Quality of insights. Frequently lacking time to go back and re-watch interviews or re-read transcripts, the team relied on notes taken during the session to capture key insights. The note-takers were manually transcribing in shorthand to the best of their ability, but a lot of information still slipped through, and the possibility of error was high. 
  1. Expensive and time-consuming transcription. If the note-takers weren’t available, the team had to resort to using transcription services, which added an extra day or two to the entire process. Once the generated transcripts arrived, the researchers had to manually go through them again, highlight sections, and do the analysis. Not to mention, manual transcription services are quite expensive.

The Solution: Looppanel’s automated transcription

With access to Looppanel, research instantly became faster, higher quality, and more streamlined.

Tiana no longer had to wait around for note-takers to be available to sit on interview calls.  Instead, she could use Looppanel’s live note-taking, auto-generated notes, and high-quality transcripts to uncover robust insights from her interviews in a matter of hours.

Rapid turnaround, note-taker or not

With highly accurate AI notes, transcripts, and the ability to highlight key quotes in the moment, Tiana no longer needed a dedicated note-taker on every call.

Junior team members would go in to take notes and find that Looppanel’s AI notes had already captured them for her!

“It was really accurate…I had someone, she's kind of my note-taker. But when she goes into Looppanel she's like, oh well, it's already there, it’s already captured!”

Ease of reviewing calls

Before using Looppanel, Tiana relied largely on the note-takers and her own memory of interviews to discover insights. If she missed a point or forgot something said during the call, she would have to rewatch the video again, if she had the time.

Once she started using Looppanel, she could bookmark key moments while on user calls for later, and get to work highlighting themes on the transcript instantly after. 

Improved analysis quality

There was no more fear of insights slipping through the cracks. With Looppanel, Tiana could fully focus on the conversation and easily revisit it through bookmarks & AI notes later. The discussion guide and tagging made it much easier to identify patterns across calls, improving analysis significantly.

“Previously I'm just doing my shorthand notes and I'm like, I know there's something here, but I don't have the time to sit with it and go through all the videos again… But with Looppanel now, I felt like I captured a lot more than I did previously.”

Insights with a longer shelf life

Tiana was also able to revisit earlier research with Looppanel. She could go back into past studies and discover insights she hadn’t found earlier. 

Insights no longer lived just for a few weeks, lost in Excel sheets and Miro boards, but could be uncovered and shared whenever needed.

Interested in speeding up your research like this team did? Try Looppanel for free!

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