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AI-augmented analysis for you. Google-like search for your team.

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All your data, in one place.

Even that PM can find answers on Looppanel. Free yourself from endless ad hoc requests.

  • Transcripts, notes, and recordings in one place
  • Smart search. Even if you forget to tag (unlike some repos)

Take your time to think. Let AI handle the busywork.

There are some things only you know. For everything else, there’s AI

  • Auto-recorded user interviews
  • Auto-generated answers with AI
  • Smart search. Even if you forget to tag

Magnify your impact with digestible insights.

Seeing is believing. Share user insights in your user’s voice.

  • Generate shareable clicks with one click
  • Share insights reports with a link
  • Embed clips & reports in Notion, Jira, Confluence

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